Monday, December 14, 2009

The last two months

I wish we had a better excuse for our sheer lack of blog updating. We really don't have an excuse at all. There was a period of time (from about October 18th until now....) when I just felt so guilty about not updating that I avoided it (I am sure there are some serious theological and psychological underpinnings there that refer to our relationship with God but I'll leave it at that).
So here we are, you and I, as you read our blog. Here's the update from the last two months:

Halloween with our Summit Connect Group!

Happy 6 months of marriage!

Putt-Putt with our Summit Connect Group!

above: Hunting (clay pigeons) with the Beeson Family

below: Aaron and little Ruby!


Mark Beeson said...

Love the picture of you and Ryan!

Sheila said...

Wahoo! Love the blog update. We loved out time at Thanksgiving. Mom

Kaci said...

I'm jonesing for a Colorado blog :)