Thursday, October 15, 2009


Oh glories of home ownership! For the past 4 months Tracy and I have been in a epic battle with our city in an effort to get a huge tree removed from our backyard that was leaning on the house. We knew when we bought the house that getting the tree removed was something we would have to do and fully intended to. Shortly after we closed we got a letter from our Insurance stating that we would be dropped if we didn't take care of the tree. "No Sweat" we thought. We'll just pull a permit and hire a guy to take it out. Unfortunately we live in hatersville and the city has all sorts of absurd rules enforced by local boards and small town government. I could share a list as long as my arm about all of the insane things they wanted from us but I'll just paraphrase. We battled with the "Tree Conservation Board" for the past 4 months to try and get the fee waved (Which was a donation to their board for $6000.00 not including the money it was cost to actually hire some guys to take the tree out and buy new ones.) After agreeing to replant 2 very specific trees they allowed us to remove our tree and not pay the donation. All in all, I'd say it was the worst display of small town-local government-authority mongering I have ever seen.
If you are ever in need of having one of your own trees cut down you should look into hiring Todd's Tree Service. They were fantastic-

Anyway, here she is, coming down in all her glory.

Before (Front View)

Before (back yard... Tree against Roof)

40% Done

Lumberjacks in action!

Down to the main trunk

Almost there

And now, after we close up the deck around the remaining trunk and we get a good table top we'll be good to go : )


Sheila said...

Aaron and Tracy vs the Canopy ecology board...Victory!! Good work kids> :)

Mark Beeson said...

This is awesome!
It must be one of the most outrageous efforts ever put forth to have a new table on a sunny patio deck. Well done.

amberWIRE said...

I thought mom might pull the "Power to the People".

So glad the shenanigans are finally over. I love that you turned the stump into a table - hilarious!

Maura said...

YAY!!! I bet today is a wonderful day in the Beeson House!! Victory is yours :)

Nic said...

I would like to now formerly apologize...I was the one that informed the "HTC" Hatersville Tree Committee to your criminal schemes...Good luck living in a house without the constant fear of a tree falling on your house. When you finally feel sorry about what you did to that tree feel free to make the $6,000 donation to the "HTC" the check can be made payable to Nic Chaput.